NEW: I spoke to The Jumble Magzine about the lockdown, the algorithm and good ol' trauma.


"Most of what I create is in some degree a visual representation of the emotions I’m trying to process at that time, having the opportunity to process your own trauma and make somethingl with the potential to help others is a really beautiful thing.”


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I'm Meabh, an Irish visual artist currently based in Devon.

I love creating digital content and it is what I do for a living, from social media management to commissions. For my Illustrations i work in a variety of styles but keep a consistent 'freestyle' approach, anything vibrant in colour I'm inspired to draw. You can keep up to date with my content on my Instagram on the side, or check out my co-created art fair 'Overdrawn'. Next fair planned for

summer 2020

Open to commissions and collaborations

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SERTRALINE is a 14-page zine about the misconceptions and symptoms surrounding antidepressants