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* The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing *

Brands I have worked with

"Meabh is a marketing rockstar!
Her professionalism, creativity, and knack for connecting the dots are incredible.

A brand building force of nature.
Thank you for all your hard work."

- Seán  Carter , Managing  Partner  @  Cranmore  Executive  Search


My Expertise

Social Media

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Growth-focused organic content

✔️ B2B & B2C Content Strategy

✔️ Data-driven engagement tactics

✔️ Strategic paid content amplification

✔️ Messaging & Tone of Voice

✔️ Personal Branding Management

Website Intergration

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Google Analytics

✔️ Landing Pages

✔️ UX & UI Design

✔️ Proficient in the following...

​• WordPress

• Wix

• SquareSpace

• Magenta

Graphic Design

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Proficient in all Adobe software

& Canva

✔️ Full rebrand & Brand Identity

✔️ Print and digital expertise

✔️ Background in Illustration

✔️ Product/Retail POS

✔️ Pitch Decks & Proposals

✔️ Versatile style adaptation

Video Editing

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Platform-optimized content

     (Including Reels & TikTok)

✔️ Compelling storytelling via editing

✔️ Proficient in the following...

​• Premiere Pro

• After Effects

• Nuke X

• DaVinci

Event Management

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Seamless event execution skills

✔️ Marketing strategies for

maximum ROI

✔️ Contingency planning for unforeseen circumstances

✔️ Personalized attendee experiences

✔️ Post-event analysis & optimisation

Alternative Marketing

(Including but not limited to...)

✔️ Email Newsletter Creation

✔️ Blogs & Article creation

✔️ Podcast Editing & Publishing

✔️ Webinar Hosting & Editing

✔️ Virtual Tour creation

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Let's Connect

07801 506112

Based in Plymouth, Devon

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