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Overdrawn is a Plymouth based art fair which I            co-created, market and curate. All advertising is done through social media and is a non-profit event for local artists to experience selling their creations. Our first event was on the 14th of December and was highly successful, with the event raising money for various graduate exhibitions, student trips, and gave exposure to various artist's struggling to begin. 

The project is currently on a hiatus but a second event is planned in the near future.

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For the UK Shark Trust's Angel Shark fundraiser for December 2020, we collaborated to create 22 unique Illustrations of each of the species to raise awareness and fund their research. Angel sharks are one of the most endangered species in the Shark family, with over half of the species under threat.

"Meabh was a pleasure to work with for our social media campaign, she delivered the breif really well and responded to deadlines effeciently, we were very pleased with the Illustrations and professionalism she provided."

Hannah Carstens, Fundraising and Engagement officer at the Shark Trust UK



Project Manager

Label was a charity exhibition for Shekinah and MermaidsUK to raise money in support of LGBT young people in Devon. I was the project manager and curator of the event while also working closely with the marketing and finance team. The exhibition displayed over 30 LGBT artist's variety of work, such as Photography, fashion, sculpture and moving image.

"LABEL honestly helped me not only with my confidence in showing my art to the public in a gallery setting, but motivated me as a gay artist to continue to create work on my struggles, and help me visualise what is hard to tell in just words."

-Artist show casing work at LABEL, would like to stay anonymous

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